Nevada business owners are recognizing that maximizing safety and health on the job translates directly into increased efficiency and productivity. This makes safety one of the most powerful tools for controlling the costs of doing business. To provide assistance to Nevada employers with workplace safety and health issues, the State of Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS) offers safety and health consultation services and employee training. 

Jan 14

It's 300A Summery Time!

OK, how many of you have completed you 2015 300A Summery?  Everyone?  Great!  If not, you only have about 2 weeks to get them done.   OSHA requires that all businesses that are required to maintain OSHA 300 Logs are to have their 300A Summary’s posted by February 1st.  Do

Per NRS 618.950 employers and employees in the Construction industry must complete MANDATORY OSHA 10 AND OSHA 30 Training. OSHA 10/30 hour construction class schedules and online registration is available at http://4safenv.state.nv.us


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